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About Us


SBT's vision is to provide a safe and nurturing space for young people to build confidence, cultivate creativity and discover their unique voice through the magic of theater made deeper by classical literature and original plays. Whether in the spotlight or behind the scenes, Storybook Theatre of Cottage Grove is dedicated to creating an environment where all feel welcome while equipping our students with skills they can use on stage, backstage or anywhere life may take them. 

SBT Staff

IMG_3102 (2).jpg

Maya Burton 

Executive Artistic Director

Vocal & Acting Coach

Show Director & Music Director

Lexi Chipman

Managing Director

Show Director

SBT's Board of Directors


Upstage, from left to right

Lindy Lou Smith, Daniel Smith, Evan Barrett, Leah Murray (Board President)


Downstage, from left to right

Lexi Chipman (Board Treasurer), Jennifer Mandeville-Schulz, Brande Stacy

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